Michigan Enhnaced CPL

A Michigan Enhanced Concealed Carry License (CPL) is a graduated endorsement license to conceal carry is in areas posted gun-free zones.

Michigan CPL/CCW holders may soon be eligible for an enhanced endorsement after completion of the Personal Protection outside the Home class which would then qualify for an Enhanced CPL license. Michigan bills, SB 442 and SB 0561 would allow for an exemption to carry in gun free zones for permit holders who apply and are granted an endorsement. This form of “enhanced carry” is in use in other states, allowing permit holders to obtain additional training and then, after providing a certificate from a state-approved instructor, are granted an endorsement, which allows legal carry inside most places publicly posted as being gun-free.

Republican Sen. Mike Green stated that, “This legislation will allow more citizens the ability to protect themselves and their families in these areas,”